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itsaVibe is the ultimate marketplace platform that helps your business hire local influencers & create organic chatter that drives business.

Get Discovered

It's never been easier to get foot traffic and social media traffic.

  • Directly book engagements with influencers
  • See real-time check-ins & who is chatting
  • Track the impact and reach on social media

For Businesses

Attract local influencers who will create chatter about your business for as little as $5 a day.

For Influencers

Discover places and brands that will pay you to post. Plan the perfect night and get paid to go out.


The first app marketplace for businesses and influencers to find each other based on location and vibes.

Check-Ins & Chat

See who is checked into your business in real time and start up chats with anyone who checked in.

See How It Works

Create a critical mass in foot traffic with the click of a button using Crowdsurge features.

See How It Works

Get exact numbers on how many people saw the posts you paid for and compare results.

See How It Works


Measure actual results on your marketing dollars and get access to local influence.

See the Impact of Every Dollar Spent

Stop guessing whether the marketing money you spent actually made a difference. Check-ins and analytics show you exactly what’s working.

Tap into the Power of Local Influence

Get people with local clout to create chatter about your business and attract more of your ideal customers.

Be Discovered

Location based search and vibe matching dynamically matches your business with people searching for fun places.

Easy Automation

With the click of a button, you can attract foot traffic or create an intentional marketing campaign with a handful of influencers.

Get Discovered

Tap into the power of word of mouth. Access to influencer marketing has never been easier to book or measure.